Next week, we are headed to the Philladelphia Trans-Health Conference. This is our second year going to the conference, and all of us will be there. The conference offers wonderful childcare (for free!), and has sessions that interest both Ezekiel and I, so it works for our whole family. We are excited to be involved in a panel discussion about talking to kids about transition (on Thursday at 5:40pm in room 102A), but mostly we come to the conference to meet people, talk, and make connections.

With that in mind, I am organizing an informal lunchtime gathering of partners on Friday, June 13th at 11:30am. If you are a person (of any kind of gender) who is in a relationship with a trans* or genderqueer person, please join us! If the sun in shining, meet us in Love Park and grab some lunch (there are food carts there on Fridays or you can grab something at the Reading Terminal Market). We’ll meet up on the fountain steps by the Love statue — I’ll have some kind of sign so that you can identify the gathering! Looks like rain! Grab your lunch and we’ll meet up in the convention center near the registration desk and find a place where we can sit and eat and talk.

There are also more formal sessions for partners — here’s the list of sessions that list “partners of trans people” as part of their primary audience (click the links for descriptions and times). You will notice that there are sessions for trans* parents in this mix as well:

Hopefully we will get a chance to see some of you in Philly — if you are going, leave us a note in the comments and we’ll watch out for you!