Well over a year ago, I sat down to write an essay about how our family has navigated my transition to contribute to a book project. As our family waded into these unpredictable waters, I felt like we didn’t have any models for how to do this together, and loss seemed inevitable. Regular readers know that despite some bumps in the road, our family has figured this out, together. Of course, now we know we are not alone, and that many other families have traveled similar paths, in ways that are both very similar and very different than our own. I wanted to do my part to put stories like this out into the world, so other people in similar waters might see some version of a possible future for themselves. That’s why we write here. That’s why we make sure to write about both the hard stuff and the good stuff, even when it opens us up to criticism.

I’m proud that the essay I wrote was chosen to appear in this new collection from Transgress Press: Manning Up: Transsexual Men on Finding Brotherhood, Family & Themselves, a collection of works by North American trans men across a range of experiences and backgrounds, writing about the real fabric of our lives.

The New England Book Release event for Manning Up is happening tonight, June 24th 2014, at Bloc 11 cafe at 11 Bow St in Somerville MA, 7-9pm. The three MA area authors who contributed to the book, including co-editor Mitch Kellaway, will be reading our essays and there will be time for discussion and mingling, as well as copies of the book for sale. Please consider joining us. You can find more info about the event here.