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Our family will be attending Family Week 2014 next week in Provincetown, MA. We’ve been twice before, 7 years ago and 4 years ago. We are attending this year in particular because our 8 y.o. is now old enough to attend the COLAGE camp that offers programming for kids of Trans and GLBQ parents. We’ve been really impressed with what we’ve seen of COLAGE as an organization in the past, in particular the way they focus on the actual needs of kids-of-queers (as opposed to what might make us all look better to the outside world), and we love that they are organized and led by COLAGErs themselves (i.e. teenagers and adults who have one or more GLBTQ parent(s)).

The prior times we’ve attended family week, the scene, especially at the Family Equality hosted events, is very much focused on two-mom and two-dad gay and lesbian households. Thus, we were happy to note that this year Family Equality a meet-up for families with “gender non-conforming members” on Wednesday 4-5 at the Provincetown Inn (see schedule here). There was no such nod to families with trans or “GNC” members (adults or kids) in prior years that we’ve attended, so we will make sure to be at that event. I don’t kid myself that this one event will magically make me feel 100% OK about being there as most likely one of a tiny handful of trans parents, but knowing we’re at least acknowledged somewhere on the schedule does help.

If you are attending, especially if your family contains a trans parent, and you would like to connect at family week, please be in touch (firsttimesecondtime at gmail). If we hear from enough people, we may organize a park meet-up. At the very least, we will be at the Wednesday 4-5 event on the official schedule so please feel free to say “hi.”