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This Valentine’s Day, Transgress Press is coming out with the first essay collection of writings of partners of trans* people, titled Love, Always: Partners of Trans People on Intimacy, Challenge, & Resilience. I am excited to have an essay in this collection. Here’s a quote from my essay, which is titled “The Blessings of Change”

I could write about what is was like to support my partner through a grueling shift during which he doubted himself every step of the way, had to make decisions that terrified him, and coped with days that seemed to alternate between presenting new kinds of pain and new kinds of elation. Or I could write about what it was like to shepherd my kids through this change. Our daughter Leigh was five when her little brother insisted that “Mama is a man!” Leigh fiercely stood up for Ezekiel insisting, “Mama is a woman” and looking to me to back her up. When I couldn’t, she was shocked and tried to campaign that Ezekiel not change anything and “stay a woman.” However, once she adjusted to the idea, she became one of Ezekiel’s most vocal supporters. But I don’t want to write only about Ezekiel, Leigh, or Ira, because those are their stories, not mine. I love them all, but there’s more to me than the love I have for my family.

When Ezekiel first started to deal with his gender a few years ago, a collection like this would have made all of the difference to me. The book is getting good reviews, and I suggest you get yourself a copy!